Friday, February 29, 2008

Special pills

Calling all men.

There's a shop in London's Chinatown you might like.

It sells a certain type of medication that can enable your 'member' to achieve greatness.

The effects are illustrated through the medium of a tank. Just toss (ahem) a pill into the turret and the barrel goes vertical.

So, assuming the effect is the same for a gent as it is for a tank, he's likely to end up squirting off into his own face.

Not really a plus I would have thought.

There's some copy too.

I like it, straight and to the point.

Which, fingers crossed, is also the effect of the pills.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tosser alert

It's axiomatic these days that most posters are shite. Why businesses feel the need to spend good money telling the general public very little in the dullest way imaginable is a question that continues to defeat me.

But here's one that really takes the proverbial biscuit.

My goodness, it's bad.

And having, alas, had the time to read the words printed on it, I can only assume they were written by the smug hero of the ad itself.

Or, his twin brother.

Unfortunately, because the picture's too blurred I'll have to quote the copy here. Apologies.

It begins: "Chris had a long face. The wife wanted a new family car and..."

Hang on, "the wife"? We seem to be back in the 1970s.

"...this had the potential to blow a huge hole in his finances, not to mention the other plans he had for the money."

Oooh, what 'other plans' Chris? Do tell.

"A little bird told him..."

'A little bird'? What, like a Robin?

" get down to Cargiant where he bought a quality used car that kept the wife..."

Whoops, back to the '70s again... Minder, The Sweeney et al. Laaarvly!

"...more than happy and saved himself a tidy little sum in the process."

Here comes the finale. Hold on, 'cos it's good.

"Just enough for a wicked weekend in Paris... with the girlfriend, tweet, tweet!"

Brilliant! Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Oh, I'm overcome with emotion... so moving!

Yes, moving. In a moving-right-down-to-the-other-end-of-the-platform-to-be-sick-into-my-bag sense.