Sunday, January 20, 2008

Has the year's best headline been written already?

I realise the 'best of' accolades are dished out in December but may I humbly submit what I consider to be an early front-runner in the 'Copy' section.

The writer has evidently got to the nub of the issue. Namely, what it means to be a terrier with an itchy arse.

He (ok, or she) has interrogated the product and hasn't been afraid to get his (or her) hands dirty in the search for ultimate truth.

A place on the podium should also be reserved for the art director and photographer who have worked their collective magic with the visual. They've managed to pull off that most tricky of artistic feats: capturing the look of intense irritation on a small dog's face as his anus plays merry hell for the umpteenth time.

The 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for his notion that life is 'nasty, brutish and short.' Perhaps he could have added that it's also a bugger if you're a small dog with worms.

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