Monday, January 21, 2008


Very occasionally on the London Underground the advertising contractors will strip away the layers of posters all the way back to whatever it is they're pasted on to. I suppose they don't do it often because there's so much to get rid of but when they do it's like going back in time.

In this case, back to 1992. I suppose 16 years between bouts of cleaning isn't too bad by the standards of London's tube but I daresay they could manage it a little more regularly.

Anyway, at Piccadilly Circus station they've uncovered this romantic double-bill that was showing at the MGM cinema in Chelsea. Where the phone number began '071'.

I suppose that if the poster thus uncovered had not been advertising a cinema classic before it actually was one, it wouldn't be as interesting. Although, even if it was for something shit, it would at least give you the opportunity to wallow in nostalgia and think to yourself, "huh, I remember that shit".

Then again, what if they uncovered an old cigarette poster and didn't cover it for a while? Would London Underground be prosecuted for breaking the ban on tobacco advertising?

Sheesh, I guess anything's possible in this crazy world.

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drjt said...

Man Bites Dog. What a great film...