Friday, December 14, 2007


Blimey, I was rude in that last post.

Fancy writing 'cunts'.

Mind you I was fairly pissed off at the time. And pissed too.

And yet there is, it has to be said, something extremely cathartic about a foul-mouthed rant. A kind of colonic irrigation for the mind, a... purging... if you like.

And as I look at the date of that last post, the 8th of November, I'm aware of just how fast time has galloped on since then. Phone calls, meetings, interviews have passed by in a blur: my previous life receding in memory in the same way a station does when you look back at it from a train window.

So m'colleague and I are freelancing. And indeed have been for the past month. And working a darn sight harder than we had worked at our previous agency: the difference between a place on the skids and one on the up has never been so apparent.

Mates have been good. It's the reason we're freelancing now. And it's true that the small scale of London's advertising community means that sooner or later you will cross paths with someone you know. And, whether we stay freelance for a while or are lucky enough to find a permanent job in the near future, we'll always be grateful for people who have had the time for a chat, a pint or... whatever.

And a few, rather hard-boiled, words to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position:

Get legal advice. Talk to someone who knows something about this 'process'.
And be prepared to be difficult to get what you want (yes, money).
Remember that they want you to go away ASAP and will be prepared to pay a little extra to ensure this happens.
Don't be fobbed off and don't take 'no' for an answer.
Ask the questions that your agency may not want to hear. E.g. how did you arrive at this decision? Who else did you consider? etc.
Defend yourself and your abilities: they are taking away, however temporarily, your livelihood after all.
Don't shout. At least, not to begin with.

Oh, and even though it won't feel like it at the time, it's probably a good thing that's happening.

A bit of a 'splurge' there. Probably loads more to talk about but it can wait.


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John said...


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