Monday, November 05, 2007

Now then, now then, goodness gracious!

First this...

Then this...

Is nothing sacred?

Not one but TWO!!! different takes on the immortal "Jim'll Fix It". And the "shift it" fella has even nicked the ruddy logo as well.

I realise that Saville's name is somewhat tarnished these days following some frankly wierd TV appearances, not least that Louis Theroux documentary a few years back. But he's surely entitled to be slightly miffed that the name of his seminal 70s/80s TV show is being taken in vain merely to advance the claims of some guy who mixes concrete and another who's a dab hand at removals.

Seeing these logos my first thoughts in each case were not "oh, I bet he mixes concrete really well" or, "he'd be a good bloke to call if I needed something removing."

No. My first thoughts concerned a small boy who wanted to whistle with Roger Whittaker, a lady whose dream was to be a bus conductor, a boy who wanted to see how Hornby train sets were made and of course, the cub scouts who wanted to eat their lunch whilst going round the Revolution rollercoaster on Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

And then there was the bloke who wanted to play guitar with Status Quo...

"Play quitar with the Quo? Goodness gracious. Well, we 'ad a word with my mate Francis Rossi... and this is 'ow it 'appened."


"Never such innocence again."

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