Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just want to write

So, fuck it, I will.

I'm not sure what I'll write about and it's quite likely that the results will resemble a load of self-indulgent horse shit, but, well, it's what I want to write, so there.

I think that's how it should work when you're a 'writer'.

I don't want 'to be a writer'. I just want to write. Stuff.

At any time, day or night.

Maybe people like us are crazy.

Well, as far as I can see we're no crazier than anyone else. And if we are a bit different, then all power to us I say.

Express your feelings, give vent to frustrations, exclaim happiness, love or disappointment.

But put it down in black and... well, black really.

'Happiness writes white'. So said Cyril Connolly, I'm told.

Is that why most writers are perceived as miserable bastards?

Or are we just always writing against the grain, with a point to make?

Woke up today, felt great, had a nice breakfast and the rest of the day was lovely too.

Not exactly the start of a riveting read is it?

But then, what is?

Still working on that one. Unfortunately.

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