Friday, October 26, 2007


grey day clouds that mirror the grey pavements but at least the pavements are full of people drifting pushing looking is it half-term why are there so many tourists or is that just always the case in london i ought to know 'cos i've been here thirteen years thirteen? is it really that long grey cold pavements that aren't paved with fucking gold who said that? but they're definitely better than stockport never go back there no way stockport stockport stockport no matter how many times you say it it never gets any better no tourists i suppose that is one small thing in its favour why the fuck are they taking a picture of that? i wish they wouldn't keep stopping in front of me with their brightly coloured rucksacks the northern line is the other way the other way for fuck's sake now where can i find some lunch not eat i went there yesterday and the day before mind you they do very good pork pies are they bad for you? are they? pork pies? surely not really there's far worse wow she's gorgeous italian or spanish no idea reminds me of that pa on that shoot we did in madrid a couple of years ago now she was wow she was... look where you're walking you fool you nearly knocked over that small child and now her dad's giving you a dirty look big bloke too but i could probably outrun him pizza hut no wonder this country is full of fatties mind you they look like tourists i daresay but what must they thinkof the food in britain not much doubtless maybe i should go to the library and try to write something no scratch that it's too much like hard work and that is something i'm not cut out for at the moment more like never have been actually the things that go through your head when all you're doing is looking for a lunchtime sandwich

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