Monday, July 02, 2007

Beware confusion

I suppose there are two types of readers who may be interested in buying, or at least glancing at, this book:

Reader 1.
A keen student of the Middle East who wishes to discover more about the country bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, and Israel to the west. Created after the break-up of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the First World War, largely out of the British Mandate of Palestine and originally known as 'Transjordan'. (Note: this was empatically not a homeland for an ancient race of transexuals.)

Reader 2.
A keen student of female anatomy and particularly the breast region. This reader will be more than well aware that 'Jordan' is the alter ego of UK 'glamour' model Katie Price who is not averse to flaunting her surgically enhanced 'assets' in popular newspapers and a wide variety of men's magazines.

Alas for reader 2, 'Jordan Revealed' is set to leave them somewhat short-changed.

Although there is a strangely attractive camel on page 78.

Great pair of humps.

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Anna said...

I saw you've decided to continue. Hurrah! And not only have you continued, you've become rather prolific. I think we should meet up for a drink to celebrate this event soon, don't you?