Monday, May 21, 2007

Why write proper English?

What 'word games'? What have they got to do with property?

They might as well have written 'Why bother with...

There will be a few moments of silence as Martin attempts to think of something suitably surreal.

... cabbages?'

Not surreal enough, try again.

Well, cabbages will have to do.

Anyway, the point is what is the link between 'word games' and 'property conundrums'? Apart from the fact that on the TV word game programme 'Countdown' the final round is called the 'conundrum'.

And then we come to 'a 57,000 sq ft work solution'.

A what?

Is it some sort of 'work liquid' that covers an area of 57,000 sqare feet?

Although I suppose we could be talking about offices here.

But I rather like the idea of a 'work liquid'. Something to drink before I arrive in the office which means I don't have to do too much thinking.

"A pint of Work Liquid please."

Oh, I know what it is.

It's beer.


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Anna said...

Very amusing. Happy to be of service.