Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I wonder how many people read ads like this in magazines.

Yes, I suppose you could say that about any ad. But most don't offer the rewards of closer scrutiny that this one does.

To begin with, there's the dog.

Does this come free with the jacket? Or is it an optional extra?

Or is it just the most appropriate accessory when one is garbed thus?

Next, a few highlights from the copy:
... textured polyester basket weave material...

... three inside pockets - two with envelope closings for security...

... All this for under forty pounds and it's fully washable.

But do I want one in "Sand" or "Navy"?

Decisions, decisions.

1 comment:

Charlie Bass said...

question is, which 'sports' will you be undertaking dressed in that jacket? Dog frisbee? Pooper scooping?