Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sum up a country in three words

M'colleague and I work in a department that has a sizeable feminine presence. This is unusual since despite female emancipation, universal suffrage, the abolition of the so-called 'glass ceiling', blah, blah...most creative departments are still bastions of MANLINESS.

One side-effect of our oestrogen-rich environment is the proliferation of chocolate.

At any time of the day.

And God help anyone who goes on holiday and DOESN'T bring back some sort of chocolate-based comestible.

So when one of the girls went to Thailand recently, she brought back a box of Thai chocs. On which was this neat summary of Thailand itself. It can't have been referring to the chocolates since they were all the same. And of a very low quality.

So, if Thailand equals "Diversity and Refinement", which, since I've never been there, I'll have to take on trust, what about other countries?

Ok, in the style of the great Roy Walker of 'Catchphrase' fame... three words, here we go.

Oh, and the middle word must be 'and'.

And try to be nice.

Stoicism and rain. (Marks knocked off for mentioning the weather.)

Panache and cheese. (Or, wine)

Overweight and loud. (Hm, that's not nice. Better try again, they may invade.)
Industrious and competitive. (More flattering, I think. Hopefully enough to stave off an all-out assault.)

Rocky and cold. (Or is it hot?)

It isn't very easy this.


writer said...

Australia. Chicks and Sunshine. That just edged out Beer and Sunshine, but not by much.

Italy. Parmesan and Parliaments. (Lots of both.)

New Zealand. Sheep and Sheilas.

Fiji. Coups and Coconuts.

England. Brogues and Brollies (Ditto the weather.)

Wales. Leeks and Lllllllllyysysybnwnwejhenxcbndcnekjdbdchblsdclskdckls.

Estonia. Balts and Borscht.

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Cleaver said...

Australia: Rednecks and Reptiles
New Zealand: Self-effacing and Apologetic
USA: Hubris and Hotdogs
England: Gilbert and George
Scotland: Haggis and Headbutts

Martin said...

'Gilbert and George' is, I think, apt.

Jason Lonsdale said...

New Zealand: nature and innovation

France: cheese and arrogance

Estonia: stags and strippers

England: awkwardness and ale

(I'm at

And, yes, I'm a kiwi)

New York Punk said...

USA: Bombs and Boobs.

Canada: Hockey and Boobs(not the fun kind)

France: Wine and Whiners