Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Nooooooo, it's 'queue'.



Easy really.

Just add an extra U-E.

No more, no less.

Or... did they mean 'Cue'?

Like it was some sort of outdoor, urban pool tournament?

Oi, fuckface! Lighten up a touch, hey? It's a simple spelling mistake. A couple of letters for chrissakes! Maybe English isn't that person's first language. And anyway, it isn't as if we're all la-di-dah university-educated types like you is it? Hmm? You go and work in the Rainforest Cafe for a few weeks on two quid an hour and no tips and then see how your spelling looks. Smartarse.

Please, just don't hit my face. Not the face.

1 comment:

writer said...

It's even worse down here. Nobody can spell any more and when you correct them they look at you as if you're from outer space, or Frankston.