Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can the client see the copy?

I get this a lot.

The request often comes BEFORE the concept has even been approved by the client, ie. when it's still a black and white scamp.

Which naturally, I laugh off as a slip of the tongue and don't get cross about at all.


Yes, well.

"See the copy"?

Alright, how much? Being as I've no idea what needs covering off, I mean, you know, what do I put in?

I could make stuff up. Please, please, let me make stuff up.

Alas no.

So I'm given some hastily patched together 'brief' and I scribble down the first vaguely relevant words that enter my brain. Because that's how account handlers see the process - it's just 'blurb'.

This 'blurb' is then sent to the client. Who loves it and approves it with alacrity. And thus it becomes set in stone.

And when the finished work appears, which because it's crap is nationwide, I shed a small tear.

It's back to the poetry thing.

Time please. Time to refine. To lift something above the level of the commonplace. Just for a moment.


writer said...

I have clients who rewrite copy into bad English, from tortured syntax and disjointed clauses that never agree with their subjects right through to actual spelling errors - the colloquially half-accepted ones like 'superceded' and the verb 'effect'.

It is actually quite difficult to point out bad English to a client. Sometimes they don't even know the rules. If your account team is semi-literate as well you're in real trouble, because everyone thinks you're being precious.

It's that bad here in Australia - is it as bad over there? I hope not.

aussie writer

Cleaver said...

Oh yeah, those clients. I've got 'em too.

There must be paper in the RMIT marketing degree - "Half Sentences and Clunky Syntax - How to gratify your ego, render your ads incomprehensible and aggravate your agency".

Charlie Bass said...

So true, so true. "The words..? Well anyone can do that can't they, surely those guys doing the concept thingy and the pretty pictures have WAY more work to do that you so why can't we have the words we can make a proper job of screwing them up; it takes time you know."

Stan Lee said...

I came to the conclusion some time ago that people think that because they have a keyboard they know how to write.

My pet hate is when I get copy back with alts and changes inserted in red.


Unluckyman said...

Yes I agree all account handlers are arselicking cretins.