Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I had to follow this bloke all the way up Regent Street

He may have passed me unseen if it hadn't been for his shouting. Nothing offensive, just a few very loud 'good mornings' to people on the opposite side of the road.

I was despairing of ever getting a half-decent picture such was his rate of progress along the pavement and my camera phone's dated 'technology'. Even litter bins merited only a cursory glance. That is, until he caught sight of an umbrella protruding from a bin near Hamley's.

He's cut the sleeves off this shirt, presumably to allow him to wear it over all his other clothes.

Hey, no shit Sherlock!

His name appears to be Thomas Something-or-Other. He's claiming that MI5 tried to murder him on 5th July 2006. (It could have been the 15th or 25th I suppose but I couldn't see round his armpit.) Anyway, as with many 'intelligence' operations, it was clearly a botched job as it left Thomas nursing a broken shoulder, bruising on the brain, a lasting sense of injustice and the need to acquire a white shirt and black marker pen.

He speculates on who gave the order for this roughing-up: Home Secretary John Reid, or the Godfather himself, T. Blair.

Finally he signs off by claiming he is a prisoner of the state who has been rendered 'inncommunicado' to prevent him from speaking out.

He did smell though.

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Anna said...

He's been holding a grudge for a very long time, hasn't he. You should've taken the opportunity of telling him that it's about time he let it go. And had him excorcise his demons over a cup of coffe, perhaps.