Friday, February 23, 2007


Welcome to Intellectuals' Corner.

Someone has tippexed an 'F' in front of the word 'art' on this escalator poster on the London Underground.

And because my sense of humour can often be described as 'childish' I found this funny.

Now, I'm presuming whoever did it didn't have a bottle of tippex to hand when they first clapped eyes on the poster. And these darned tube escalators move pretty fast so to graffiti them requires real speed and dexterity.

The thought process may have gone something like this...

"Ooh look, 'Art'. If someone scrawled an 'F' in front of that, it would spell 'Fart'. Now, where's my bottle of tippex? Shit, it's at home. I'll bring it tomorrow."

Perhaps they made a few practice passes down the escalator as I had to (well, one), before taking the pic. But to do this you need to go through the exit barriers and come back in. A slightly tortuous process.

But whatever happened they've managed to plaster on the tippex nice and thick.

And it made me grin this morning.

So, to whoever is responsible, good job!

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