Monday, January 22, 2007

Would you ring the bell?

There's more than a hint of desperation about this little notice.

Maybe that's why I love it.

I wonder how many times our nocturnal wage slave stumbled down from his (yes, I'm assuming it's a 'he' for reasons of simplicity, apologies if not) midday slumbers and struggled bleary-eyed with the lock on the door to confront, and quite probably swear at, a Jehovah's Witness, electoral canvasser, schoolchild seeking sponsorship etc.

At what point was he driven to write his note?

For extra emphasis he's gone over the 'DO NOT DISTURB' letters twice which lends an air of menace to the communication, doubtless intentional.

But what about the underlining? Three rather wavy lines, almost artistically produced and done without a ruler. If he'd been angry they would have been shorter and straighter, but these seem sad.

And this is why I think our writer was crying when he wrote it. Tears of frustration were coursing down his cheeks as, for the umpteenth time, he'd been awoken by someone at the door.

No, I don't believe those wet splodges are rain-related. I reckon they come from the eyes of a desperate man who realises that if he doesn't get his alloted kip today then, come three o'clock in the morning, he's highly likely to lose an arm in that whirling machine he operates at the factory.

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