Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More baldness

Ads for those of us with slightly less on top never seem to show actual baldies anymore. Just young blokes with loads of hair.

And I'm busy wondering why.

Are they afraid that images of middle-aged men with thinning pates just don't project the kind of young, thrusting vibe that gets people hard in this day and age?

A vibe like this virile, hirsuite young buck is projecting for instance.

Whatever happens, it's all come a bit too late for 'Reg'.


Anna said...

There should be more ads like this. I especially love the ones which have a debatable celebrity on them, beaming at us, with a helpful label next to them telling us their name and what they were famous for. If I saw ten of these a day, every day would be a good day.

Martin said...

Yes, like: "Lee Sharpe, star of 'Love Island' and ex-footballer."