Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey you get offa my stoop

They could have said 'porch' instead I suppose, or steps, but I'm so glad they didn't 'cos I just love 'stoop'.

It's so wilfully obscure, so completely undumbed-down. It challenges you to understand it and then, since some people clearly won't, gives the owners carte blanche to bollock the uncomprehending hoodie squatting outside.

This is a sign that you need an English degree to understand. Alright, maybe not. But think of the possibilities... signs that were so highbrow that no-one understood them and consequently no-one obeyed.

Imagine the anarchy.

There's such a sign on the side of a house near me. It says,

"Please don't kick balls against this wall."

Is it obeyed?

Is it fuck.

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