Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hair and golf. Naturally

ROBIN: Holy cumshots Batman! Look at this fantastic new hair treatment.

BATMAN: It appears to be a remarkable advance for medical science Boy Wonder.

ROBIN: It sure does. Check out the thickness of his re-growth.

BATMAN: Notice too my youthful partner in crime, how his sideburns have also extended.

ROBIN: Zowie! And hey, what's that on his upper lip?

BATMAN: Yes, most curious.

ROBIN: Suffering anuses! It's a moustache!

BATMAN: Extraordinary. The beginnings of upper lip growth can clearly be seen.

ROBIN: But Batman, why in satan's name is he playing golf?

BATMAN: That is a mystery that even my great powers cannot solve, boy... friend... wonder. Boy Wonder.

ROBIN: Cocks alive!


AngryMan said...

And notice too, that logo.

Ben said...

I have a fantastically written hair loss ad to send you. To what address can we submit stuff?